Be a Customer at the Home of the Craft.

Risto GmbH & Co.KG is a modern, dynamic and growing company. Since it’s founding in 1977,  RISTO® has been at the forefront of durable and decorative flooring, in Germany and beyond. What we have to offer is experience, professional employees, adherence to schedules, service and quality products.


In an effort to achieve a top position in the stone carpet market and considering the challenges of globalization, the German partner system was coined at the beginning of 2003 as a new product and brand named, the term "OMNIFLOOR®".


The name OMNIFLOOR® stands for itself and is intended to be in the future a synonym for floors made ​​of quartz and stone granules. With the addition of "The RISTO SYSTEM WAY” it’s guaranteed that OMNIFLOOR® are 15 years of Wortmann flooring technology with approximately 35 partner companies.


OMNIFLOOR® The RISTO System Way- a network of German trade and craft businesses operating under this name, connected by the principle of franchising amongst themselves. But in contrast to traditional franchise systems, we consistently work by the best practices of partnership.


In the 90’s, the RISTO partner headquarters built an integrated product and distribution system for the craft trade sector and similar industries.