Climb aboard! This is your chance. Become an OMNIFLOOR - specialist!
  • Quartz grains and crushed marble are ideal for flooring in residential, commercial and industrial areas (inside and out)!
  • The installation of quartz and marble brings in additional orders because it requires specific craftsmanship skills and experience the lay handyman doesn’t posses!
  • With the RISTO System, you are not alone; you can rely on the support of experienced colleagues!
  • The Central RISTO System always provides you with the best products and the latest know-how, guaranteeing your customers the highest quality!
  • A good job that pays well: Within a short time you will be able to build a successful business or create an attractive second income to your existing business.
We look forward to your inquiry.


Die OMNIFLOOR-partners see each other not as competitors, but as colleagues who help and support each other, for example, if you are short on staff or a larger order must be executed. In addition, jobs to distant locations could also be given to another partner, as if it were a "sub-contract".

Partners Headquarters:

The partner headquarters is there for you at any time and without delay. They will assist during installation or any other requirement, which, to date, you may not be experienced in.

Due to the large number of partners, the partner headquarters is confronted daily with new tasks and receives comprehensive feedback about new experiences. They therefore pass on their experiences directly to their partners. In regional marketing activities every partner gets support, sometimes without direct cost, as part of the partnership agreement.


OMNIFLOOR - natural stone floor the RISTO system way“ is marketed and processed only by trained partners. The product will never be purchased from the market.

Training, Orientation, and Continued Education:

The laying of gravel soil requires a product-related training, which is given by the headquarters in a 3-day technical seminar.

Training and continued education ensures that partners are competent from the beginning, eliminating complaints due to installation errors. Due to the high quality of "OMNIFLOOR - natural stone floor the RISTO system way" is not only achieved by the quality of the raw materials, but also by a professionally competent workmanship.

High quality standard:

Through close cooperation the system headquarters and its partners achieved a high quality standard. The precursors were already there, the experience of individual partners, their methods and tests.

The high quality standard of our flooring material was confirmed early on by German testing institutes.

Equipment / Appearance (Corporate Identity):

Each partner company receives a basic set of brochures, samples, photos and sample cases. In addition, a demonstration model of a balcony, a staircase and an inlay is available for everyone. Furthermore you will receive letterhead, business cards and bumper stickers. Through these means a company can present itself as an OMNIFLOOR-Partner to the outside world.

Territorial Protection:

Each partner gets a guaranteed area defined by zip code, where he can offer, provide and install „OMNIFLOOR - Natural stone floor the RISTO system way.“ The area size does not depend on the geographical size, but a population of approximately 600,000 inhabitants.

This benchmark can differ in the field, for example, in urban areas, such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg.


The foundation of our marketing strategy as an overall organization is the annually revised development goal.

The development goal provides a benchmark for all strategic and tactical measures, including appropriate recommendations for individual businesses. Each partner company is free to exploit its regional market. The indicated price rates are only recommendations of the partner headquarters.

Leads and inquiries from national advertising done by the partner central, will be forwarded to the respective partners for further processing, correlating to the territory the request comes from.

Purchase commitment:

Partner companies are not committed to a minimum purchase of OMNIFLOOR products.

The way into the OMNIFLOOR vendor system:

At the initial contact you will receive detailed information about our partner system. In a personal interview either at your home or at our headquarters in Oberkirchen we will discuss the details of our future partnership.

After everything is signed, the entry-level seminar will take place at our headquarters, certifying you as an OMNIFLOOR specialist in your contract area.