Perfect flooring for vehicle

Especially suitable for the motor vehicle industry

RISTO Flooring Systems are especially suitable for the motor vehicle industry and are used with great success by worldwide automobile manufacturers such as VW, AUDI, MAN, Mercedes BMW, Porsche, etc. The AUDI Corporation has designed a special brand-architecture for their contractual partners: The AUDI-Terminal. The focal center of this new building concept is the AUDI-Curve. This innovative solution blends the floors with the wall areas providing tremendous adaptability of our carpet technology.  

Highlight your vehicle fleet

Trust Risto to highlight your vehicle fleet with quality stone floors. Your customers will be convinced by synergy of car and floor. In an environment where every element matters, from the design and functionality to the technology, the importance of appearance is obvious.

RISTO® offers the following advantages in an AUDI Terminal:

  • looks decorative and classic
  • mutes and engulfs noise (possibly sparing the installation of a sound proof ceiling)
  • easy maintenance (less cleaning intervals, reducing cleaning costs)
  • seamless (no default grate as with tiles)
  • pleasant and quiet walking comfort
  • skid resistant
  • seamless transition from floor to wall
  • no rolling noise from maneuvers
  • no plasticizer migration when applied open-pore