The quartz pebbles derived from natural resources are ideal for installation in outdoor areas, for example, on balconies and terraces. We can offer you the "Weserkies" (Natural 2, Color 2403) a new, and very beautiful color.

von Torben Maus

Natural Color

A mixture of natural and colored grains. Many more shades, also comes in various grains to mix and match.



Taken from natural resources, RISTO ® offers very appealing colors from white to black. Our marble offer currently includes 14 different colors. The marble is also very suitable for outdoor installations. The grain size options are 2-4 mm.


Marble Color

A range of marble with a small amounts of colored grains.


Natural Marble

A combination of crushed marble with natural quartz grains. The two rock types give these colors a special charm. Other combinations are possible. Also, very suitable for outdoor installations.


Marble Mix

A selection of marble combinations that can also be installed outdoors.


Artificially colored quartz available in a variety of colors. A variety of artificially colored quartz grains. Color grains are available on request in all RAL-colors upon request.


By mixing the colored grains, unlimited variations.


Metallic colored hues and variations, which highlight materials.

Special colors

Very elegant hues that are often used by our customers from the automotive sector.