Low maintenance in indoor areas, a basic cleaning with a vacuum from time to time is enough. The open-pore structure minimizes dust dispersion. Stains such as coffee, toner and drawing ink are easy to remove. If the floor is heavily soiled it can be cleaned with a pressure washer. For outdoor areas with water, brush or pressure wash with a flat spray. The distance between the nozzle and the floor should be at least 10 cm.

Surface treatment

The normal application does not require further treatment. The surface is sealed for extreme wear. For hygienic reasons a "pore closer" is applied in certain rooms such as bathroom or kitchen.

The Subfloor

Any solid, load-bearing subfloor is suitable, for example: concrete, screed, asphalt, stone, tile, and marble, in addition to indoor areas such as wood and chipboard. On soft or yielding subfloors, for example heat insulation or cork, an application with a self-supporting thickness of about 15-18 mm possible.

Curing time

The surfaces are walkable after 24 hours and chemically resistant after 7 days.