Balcony Renovations

What good is a beautiful floor when the subfloor is deficient, or worse, not leak proof?

The answer is clear: Before balconies or terraces get a new surface, the subfloor has to be redone. A leak proof coating is simply not enough. And most importantly, the solution has to be permanent.

Cracks after short periods of time are not acceptable.

Our solution for lasting leak proof balconies:

  • Special priming provides a moisture barrier against steam pressure.
  • Highly elastic and UV-resistant liquid foil for extreme flexibility. If required a layer of fabric can also be embedded.
  • A Polyurethane-based coating resin (PU 230/N) is applied to the floor, to both the quartz or marble granules.


Our solution is:

  • simple and fast
  • permanently leak proof
  • suitable and decorative