Indoor Areas

RISTO® natural stone carpets.

RISTO® natural stone carpets can be used as flooring in new and renovated buildings alike. It can be applied on all dimensionally stable, solid, and dry subfloors. It is applied seamless from wall to wall and fits smoothly in your rooms covering even the narrowest angles.

Ambient air fills the pores of the stone carpet, assuring your floor will always feel warm and comfortable.

Our stone carpet is perfectly suited for efficient floor heating. The air pockets between the granules are immediately heated and the many pores optimally allow the warmth through to your feet.  

The stone carpet naturally has an open pore structure. The normal application does not require further treatment. For hygienic reasons a “pore closer” is applied in rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Modern low-emission with RISTO®.

The German Committee for Health Related Evaluation of Building Products (AgBB) for its initials in German, analyzed the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in our building products. For example, for all living spaces only floors that have been tested and approved according by AgBB standards are used.

RISTO® floors can be made completely emission-free by request, starting with the tested and approved priming to the epoxy resin. Because we care about your health.