Outdoor Areas

Even with temperature fluctuations

Temperature fluctuations, heat, cold or frost?
No problem for floors made of quartz or marble granules.

RISTO® natural stone carpets are perfectly fitting for outdoor areas, for example on a terrace or a balcony. It is frost-proof and skid resistant.

Ceramic tiles are susceptible to deterioration when capillary water gets through the joints, those tiles can then detach and shake due to frost pressure in the winter or steam pressure in the summer.  The stone carpet’s naturally porous structure will always run water off without leaving puddles.

The high elasticity of our floor coatings makes them an especially attractive option for outdoor spaces. When professionally installed, coatings made of either quartz or marble is practically indestructible. Nothing can flake or chip and there will be no cracks even after years of usage.

Our floors are a perfectly suited for a balcony renovation. Terraces and balconies have to constantly resist strong UV-radiation, therefore we recommend the use of marble or quartz in their natural colors for these projects. In addition, we treat our surfaces with high-quality craftsmanship using the best PU-resins available in Europe at this time.